Taungana South Africa – Finalist in the 2019 Miss.Africa Digital Seed Fund

Published: 1 year ago

Category: Africa

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Taungana Africa is a STEM movement, a registered non – profit that seeks to bring learners from rural and extremely disadvantaged schools to the same level of engagement in Science, Technology, Engineering, Entrepreneurship and Mathematics (STEM) as their counterparts in urban and advantaged communities. Taungana’s vision is to contribute to the realization of equal representation in STEM fields through programs that address socio-economic and gender hindrances to STEM involvement. Taungana’s flagship activity is the annual Taungana STEM excursion, entrepreneurship bootcamp and career guidance program. The program gives rural high school girls in the Southern African region an opportunity to connect with STEM professionals, get exposure to leading STEM organisations, STEM career paths, future skills exposure, digital literacy, practical skills on how to start your own company and become STEM promotion ambassadors in their own communities.

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