Sophia Bekele Urges “Opportunity Enhanced Trust” at the EurAfrican 2018 forum

Published: 5 years ago

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Bekele Urges “Opportunity Enhanced Trust” at EurAfrican 2018 forum

Estoril Congress Center | July 10, 2018 EurAfrican Forum:

Promoting economic and social development and promoting trust between Europe and Africa

Sophia Bekele Founder & CEO of DotConnectAfrica Group joined other notable speakers from various industries in this one-day exclusive gathering. High level addresses were also made by the President of the Portuguese Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and the Government of Portugal, the distinguished José Manuel Durão Barroso Chairman of the EurAfrican Forum and former EU President as well as Former President of Portugal, Filipe de Botton Chairman of the Board of the Portuguese Diaspora Council, and Houlin Zhao, current Secretary General of United nations.

African and European leaders from government, business and civil society discussed shared goals and collectively explored new types of coalitions at a time where the global geopolitical landscape is rapidly changing, bringing with it promises and risk.

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