Online Advertising Placement and Pricing

DotAfrica.TV offers  Banner and button advertising that give you the opportunity to capitalize on that traffic and increase the frequency of messaging. By integrating Web advertising into your marketing or lead-generation campaign, you extend your brand exposure to a highly targeted audience.

Ad Types and Positions

dotafricatv ads

DotAfrica.TV offers several ad formats and numerous targeted page locations.

Mid Page Banner Ad: This placement is available as a space on DotAfrica.TV Web pages.

Side Box Ad  and Side Video: Want a large, prominent ad but also want it to appear to 100% of all page visitors? A side box ad is the perfect option. Side ads are always visible to every viewer of the page.

Run-of-Site Top Side Button: Reach every visitor to DotAfrica.TV with our run-of-site top side button ad. This ad is located at the top-right of every page of DotAfrica.TV in order to give you complete site exposure. The ad position is available on a monthly basis. It is especially ideal for events, Webinars and other time-sensitive advertising.

Unique Page Placement

Home Page:  DotAfrica.TV home page is the most popular page on the site. In addition to side ads, the home page has middle advertising positions available.

Additional Page placements are also available.

Free Design Service for Online Ads

In order to make online advertising as easy as possible, we offer all advertisers free design of online ads. Our designers can make your ad coordinate with your brand image and Web site. Simply supply us with your ad copy, your Web address and any other graphics you want incorporated and our designers will do the rest.

Online Advertising Pricing

Pricing is for an advertisement
on one page for six-months
10% discount given for a one-year contract
Mid page
Banner Ad
Side Box Ad Side Box Video Ad
Dimensions in pixels 667w X 90h 300w X 100h 300w X 250h
Time period included in price monthly monthly
Home Page $2,000 $1,000 $2,500
All Other Single Pages $1,000* $1,000± $2,500
10% discount given for a one-year contract on all Web ad placements. * The mid body banner space on all pages is shared by up to five advertisers. The price quoted for the mid body banner is for 20% of the rotation (1 of 5). You can purchase additional rotations if available. ± Side box ads jumble positions (from top to bottom) with the other side ads on the same page but the ads appear to 100% of all page views.
Premium Web Advertising Positions
Run-of-Site Top Side Button 1 Month
300w X 90h
100% of all site views
Home Page Middle Banner 1 Month
667w X 90h
100% of page views

For more information about online advertising contact DotAfrica.TV at +254-703 250 969 or