About Us

The online platform has become new form of advertizing as well as passing important  information about products, initiatives  and generally the new way of disseminating information.

With the improvement of the Audio Visual devices from the traditional stand alone television at home, now people all over the world are able to share videos and news through live streaming and viewing archives. The Industry is also responding by producing electronics that are IP aware meaning all devices soon will all be able to connect to the internet.

DotAfrica.TV is a platform for all the African and global videos in relation to internet and technology development news, opinions and views, in particular to Africa. DotAfrica.TV prides in bringing the internet enthusiast the latest tech news, Interviews, Start-ups, Negotiations and Conferences in order to keep the African public updated.

The objective of DotAfrica.TV is to give an opportunity for organizations and individuals to showcase their developments to a wider audience that will help to propel business and technology to a whole new level as it is affected via live streaming. As new internet technology and business news unfold, we shall keep you posted. The African technology field is awash with raw talent that has not yet been given an opportunity to show to the world what they have. At DotAfrica.TV we give that impetus.

You may send your inspiring videos about creative initiatives and we shall be glad to post it for you.